ACISAM Mental Health Coordinator, Nelson Flamenco, travels to Panama to successfully launch a family to family mental health program.

This week Nelson Flamenco traveled to Panama City for the inauguration of the Family Education, Support and Empowerment Program for family caregivers and their loved ones with mental illness. This opening ceremony was attended and supported by the Pan-American Health Organization, the Panamanian Ministry of Health, and over 100 interested users, family members, psychiatrists, psychologists, and mental health nurses. This program will be run by the professional hands of ANFAPEEM (The National Association of Family, Friends, and Patients with Schizophrenia) and will be supported by the Panamanian government. This program represents a bold step in replicating ACISAM’s Salvadoran Family to Family program throughout Central America. Our goal is to spread this program throughout the area in order to assure families that “they are not alone and we speak your language”. Mr. Flamenco will be traveling to Costa Rica and Nicaragua in order to to meet with other user and family associations and government officials to help spread this program and create a regional partnership for the improvement of global mental health. Good luck Nelson! Safe Travels.