Mental Health International

Mental Health International, a project of the Center for Health and Human Development, helps grassroots mental health programs in Central America.

Map of where MHI works

The interactive map of User and Family Groups in Central and South America. Included in the interactive map are global organizations that provide the same services. You will find information on their location, services, and how best to contact them.


An update from MHI

The Mental Health International program has been working hard this year, and there are many things to celebrate with the program.

Over the last six months we have been working to develop the Mental Health Regional Program, in partnership  with our Salvadoran partner, ACISAM. Our work has extended to Panama, where we launched our new Family Education Program. We also have been active in Costa Rica, where Nelson Flamenco and Sam Nickels held a training with family caregivers. They also had the privilege to hear stories of how the program is improving people’s lives, and to hold planning sessions with leadership from six user and family groups from across Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

Mental Health International’s goals include providing opportunities for people to advocate. We want to develop leadership and create and empower a stronger and more effective civil society network of mental health advocates. With your financial and personal support we’re able to keep building on these successes. Work is now focused on preparations for the first Central American Regional Conference of users and family caregivers scheduled for October.

Your contributions help make the work we do possible. Please donate today to make community-based mental health services, education, support, and advocacy available to everyone in Central America.

User group from Psychiatric Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.

User group from Psychiatric Hospital in San Jose, Costa Rica.

See the link below for a video on the reality of globa mental health.

Video de la Realidad de Salud Mental en el Mundo